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Sooraj Pal Shahjahanpur U.P.[India]

The Folk Dance of India

  India is known all over the world for her diverse cultures and civilization. This diversity gives Indian culture a unique shape which is prominently visible in India’s various art forms. Almost all the regions of India have their specific festivals and celebrations and these festivities add an extra flavor to this unique culture of […]

Smoking Kills

   Smoking kills is not merely a statuary warning which we usually read on a packet of a Cigarette and ignore it. Instead, smoking must not be taken lightly because it kills a smoker slowly. According to the surveys conducted by various organizations, smoking is one of the leading causes of various diseases including cancer […]

Devadasi System-The Religious Prostitution

      In India, the prostitutes who dwell in the temples are called Devadasis. In other words, prostitution sanctioned b y the religion in India may also be termed as Devadasi System which is being practiced even today in various parts of India. Devadasi system which is practiced in India has given birth to the […]

The Plight of Dalit Women in India

      According to Hindu social system, there are four main castes in India-the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas and the Shudras. There is also a fifth group which describes those people who collect garbage, toilets and everything else which is considered dirty. The Dalits fall into the fifth category. The people of this category […]

The Plight of The Divorced Women in India

   In ancient India, the concept of divorce did not exist. At that time, the women were not well educated and employed. Consequently, they had to remain depend upon their husbands for their various needs. So the husbands used to torture their wives because they knew it very well that their wives will not be […]

Woman-The Most Beautiful Creation of God

      A woman is the most beautiful creation of the universe ever created by God. She is not just physically beautiful, her heart is equally. She is really a miracle of heavenly existence. Symbolically, she is a magical and mysterious tree and under the divine shade of that tree the entire humanity takes shelter. […]

Forced Prostitution-A Global Issue

      Forced prostitution which is also known as involuntary prostitution or enforced prostitution is a kind of sexual slavery. It indicates a condition of control over a person who is forced by some other person to engage in sexual activity. Human trafficking, especially of young girls and women, usually leads to forced prostitution. Several […]

Women Leaders of the World

   Women were glorified in Epics and Puranas for their services of the mankind. But the world had never been a better place for the women to live in. Despite this, several women of the world became prominent in the field of politics, literature, education and religion.    Razia Sultan       Razia Sultan, South […]

Slums in India

        India is an ancient country with a rich cultural heritage. She has been known for her traditions and customs. She got its Independence on August 15, 1947 and became a republic on January 26, 1950. After getting Independence, she broke all the shackles and bonds of traditions and customs. Now she has […]