Trishna Das Kumar


   Trishnna Das Kumar, a versatile genius, was born on October 11, 1981 in a well educated and civilized family of Guwahati with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has been a lady of sharp memory since her childhood. Due to her sharp memory, she did her graduation with good marks from the Guwahati University.  She may speak fluently Hindi, English and Assamese. Since her childhood, it has been her dream to fight for those who have been the victims of injustice. It has always been in her mind that she will fight for the rights for the underdogs and downtrodden of the Indian society. She, therefore, obtained a degree of LLB from the Guwahati University with good rank and started working as a lawyer at the Gowahati High Court so that the unprivileged people may get cheap justice.

   She was fully satisfied with her profession of lawyer but she could not do that for which she appears in this world. She was born with a mission and her mission was to work for the betterment and upliftment of the lower section of the Indian society. For this, she jumped into politics so that she might serve the nation. As a reward for the service of the nation, she was appointed as the co-coordinator of World Wide Modi Brigade. As a coordinator of the brigade, she started to spread the message of peace throughout the country. She observed minutely that the young generation of the nation is being misguided by some political parties. Being a true patriot, it was unbearable for her. So her conscience forced her to prevent the youth from being misguided. So she joined the National Yuva Morcha and did her best to give a proper direction to the young generation of the nation.

   Hindu ideology has been a constant source of inspiration for her. She has been a witness since her childhood that several political parties are working for their selfish ends. These political parties adopted the policy of political appeasement to use the Muslim community as their vote bank. For appeasing the Muslims, these parties began to work against the Hinduism which has been the base of the Indian culture and civilization. It was unbearable for her therefore; she joined RSS which is one of those organizations that are working for the protection of Hinduism. She dedicated the prime of her life to provide a protection to the Hinduism so that she may save the very soul of the nation. She is impressed very much by the magnetic personality of Narendra Modi- the honorable Prime Minister of India.

   In fact, she is a budding political personality of the nation.

  Savita Natraj


   Savita Natraj, a vivacious personality, was born on December 10, 1974 in a nomadic family of Sasaram in Bihar. In spite of being nomadic, the family in which she was born has been a well educated and cultured. Her family provided its full support in the development of her personality. Since her childhood, she has been a thoughtful lady. Seeing her interest in education, her parents decided to make arrangements for the education of their daughter. After getting her primary and school level education, she did her graduation from Rohtas Mahila College, Sasaram. It was very difficult for a lady from a nomadic family to get higher education but she did it because of her firm determination. After completing her education, she stated her never ending journey for the emancipation of the people of the lower section of the Indian society. She knew it very well that the path on which she wanted to move was full of thorns but she chose that path to move on for the sake of that people who had never been given the rights even to move on those ways on which the people of the high class used to move. Because of this, she has been appointed the member of the Rajya Mahila Ayog of the state of Bihar.

   Today, Indian society needs firm determined and strong willed ladies like Savita Natraj. She has dedicated herself for the upliftment and betterment of the people who has been deprived of all the rights since the ages. She lives for those towards whom nobody would like even to cast his eyes. In fact, she has sacrificed the prime of her life for the untouchables whose condition is so pitiable that is beyond description. She possesses such a tender and loving heart that beats for those whose dreams have been trampled under the feet. Besides this, seeing deteriorating condition of the women of the Dalit section of Indian society which has been very miserable since the time immemorial, she started her struggle for rights of the women of the state of Bihar. She goes in their dwelling places that are nothing more than huts and share their sorrows and sufferings. She started working to bring awareness among these illiterate women of the state about their rights. She tries to give a proper direction to the deprived and scattered life of these women of the state. In this way, she has become a constant source of inspiration for the millions.

   She provided a better leadership to the people of the state especially the women. She does not want to leave any stone unturned to minimize the sorrows and sufferings of the rural women of the state of Bihar. She regularly pays visit to their slums and contact those women who have been victims of gender and economic based inequality. She has always been against the crimes committed against the women. Due to the threats from the criminals, the women cannot raise their voice against the criminals. But it is the emergence of that iron willed lady like Savita Natraj, they got a voice and the crimes committed against them. She has been pressing the government of the state so that all the basic facilities may be provided to these women who dwell in these slums. In the present political scenario, when most of the leaders are engaged in misguiding the people of the nation, she provided a true leadership to the people especially women of the state. She is a brave, courageous and a bold woman who wants to change the whole corrupt political system of the nation. She is an active social reformer who wants to bring a revolution in India through her positive political thinking.

   In fact, she is a lioness who believes in action.

   Mrs. Neetu Singh


   Mrs. Neetu Singh, a versatile genius, put her lotus like soft and beautiful feet on this earth with a silver spoon in her mouth in a cultured and well educated family of Shahjahanpur an historical district of Uttar Pradesh where great revolutionaries like Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil, Asfaque Ullah Khan and Thakur Roshan Singh were born. Like her other educated members of her family, she is also a highly educated lady with a vivacious personality. Since her childhood, she has been a thoughtful and sharp minded lady. So she obtained her degrees in various fields with distinctions. After getting her education, she got married to Mr. Upendra Pal Singh, a renowned and senior leader of Samajwadi Party.

   She has been interested in social service since her childhood. After marriage too, she has always been an active social reformer. Truly speaking, she wants to bring a revolution in the people of lower sections of the society through her unique vision. In fact, she wants to work for the suffering womenfolk of the district; therefore, to render her selfless services to the unprivileged, downtrodden and underdogs of the society, she joined the politics. In the present political scenario, when most of the so called leaders are engaged in misleading the public of the district, she is trying her best in providing a true leadership to the poverty stricken people of the district.

   She dreams to be a real architect of such a society where people may live with peace and dignity.  Taking into consideration her selfless services to the society, she was elected Adhyaksh[Chairperson] of the District Board Shahjahanpur. As a Chairperson of the District Board, she brought all round development of the district.  During her tenure as a Chairperson of the Board, she used to go to visit slums-dwellers personally. She paid her full attention to their problems and solved them immediately. In the task of her social service, her husband provided her his full support. In fact, she wants to dream those dreams that have never been dreamt.

   At present, she is a member of the District Board of Shahjahanpur. She is still providing her selfless services to those whose voice is not being listened by the administration. She has dedicated the prime of her life for the betterment and upliftment of those whose voice has been trampled under the feet. It will not be exaggeration to say that she is trying to show the mirror of reality to the innocent people of the society. Besides this, she possesses a delicate and tender heart which beats for the poverty stricken public of district. Thus, she is a brave, courageous, and bold lady who wants to change the whole corrupt political sytem.


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