In ancient India, the concept of divorce did not exist. At that time, the women were not well educated and employed. Consequently, they had to remain depend upon their husbands for their various needs. So the husbands used to torture their wives because they knew it very well that their wives will not be able to tackle with the basic needs of their lives. In case, they had to face various difficulties while leading a single life. Besides this, Indians were of the view that once a couple got married, only death could separate them apart. Due to these views, the women have always been looked down as burdens by both her maternal family members and her in laws. These women have to deal with blame games, suspicion and contempt.

   A divorced woman has to face various hurdles even today from her birth till death. The male dominated society begins to consider her as a burden. She becomes the victim of rude behavior of her family members. Her dependence on her family members increases because she has not a suitable job. If she gets a job somehow, she face ridiculous comments and backbiting at the work place. Besides this, she has to face unfair views regarding her character. The society considers her just a disgrace to the family. She becomes the victim of sexual and mental harassment. So it is not easy for a divorced woman to leave her husband because the society treats her very harshly.

   In India, most of the women have to face financial problems after divorce because her father got retired from his profession. Besides this, the wives of their brothers do not think it better to help them financially. That’s not all as they have to struggle hard to get her share from her husband’s property. If they make efforts to get the share, they have to face the slow proceedings of the Indian courts and for jobless divorced women, it is not easy to pay the court fee and the fee of the lawyers. It is also very hard for the divorced women with children to make arrangements for their education because they are unable to pay the school fee. The plight of the divorced women’s children becomes very miserable.

   A woman dies socially when she is divorced and separated. The faithful friends of a separated woman begin to ignore her. Her own maternal family members begin to blame her in an unloving way. It becomes very hard for a divorced woman to be able to make her relationship work. She has to pass through a tremendous character assassination. A single or a divorced woman is stared at by the unsocial elements of the society. She begins to feel insecure in the male dominated society that is badly known for its complex structure and this complex structure of the society makes her very uncomfortable. Her life becomes full of negativity when the male dominated society does not think it better even to respect her in equal measures.

It is also a bitter truth that the second marriage does not provide a definite solution. According to a research, 75 per cent of second marriages end up in the first two years. Second marriages are considered to be more vulnerable. These marriages become victim to a web of hostility and infidelity. Things become worse if infidelity is one of the main reasons behind the divorce. So it is very necessary for both the husband and the wife that they must trust, respect and love each-other and this will help the second marriage flourish.

   In this way, it is a very sensitive issue which is concerned with divorced or separated women. So, the mindset of the people is definitely required to be changed. But it will not be easy to change the attitude of the people. Media, education, religious awareness may also play a very significant role to make the people understand the harsh reality of a divorced, separated or a single woman. A human like treatment must be given to these separated women because they are also a part of the society. So, all the Indians must have to nurture positive thoughts and the things will definitely changed.


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