India is an ancient country with a rich cultural heritage. She has been known for her traditions and customs. She got its Independence on August 15, 1947 and became a republic on January 26, 1950. After getting Independence, she broke all the shackles and bonds of traditions and customs. Now she has been making progress by leaps and bounds in all the walks of life. But the increasing population which has given birth to several problems is one of the major hurdles in her path of progress. Because of increasing population, the problem of housing has become a menace to the country. Several people of the country have no houses to live in. So these houseless people are compelled to live by the road-side, under the bridges, by the side of huge drains and in the open fields.

   In all the big cities of the country, innumerable slums have come into existence. The poor people with no house are compelled to live in these slums. Most of the slums in India exist at dirty places. The condition of these slums is so miserable that it is very hard to dwell there. People raise bamboo poles by the side of dirty places and cover them with dirty pieces of clothes, rags and some other dirty things. In rainy season, these huts overflow with dirty water. These are no toilets and bathrooms in these slums. So both the males and the females have to go to defecate in open, a crisis that contributes to diseases and violence against women as highlighted recently. The females have to wait for the darkness to fall so that they may defecate at nearby places. If they go to defecate in the open in the broad day light, the local boys stare at them, make threats, throw and stabbed them. They relieve either early in the morning before anyone else is up, or after the dusk when nobody can see them.

   In these slums, the huts have no doors due to which these slum-dwellers have to face innumerable problems. The young girls are raped because the culprits may enter easily the huts without doors. More than 60 per cent of rapes in the country occur because the victims have to sleep either in these huts or in open places. Both the lives and wealth are not safe in these slums. Several cases of theft and murder are often reported. These slums have become safe place for prostitution which is one of the major roots violence. All the members of a family have to sleep in one hut and it is not possible for the married couples to have sex regularly and they become victims of several sex diseases. If they do sex in the same hut where the children are also present, it casts a very bad effect on the mind of the children. So the married couples have to wait for a suitable place for sexual intercourse and in these slums such places are not possible to have.

   All the slum dwellers hang around to get petty daily labor or other small jobs. Men, women and children are compelled to work hard to earn their livelihood. For their two meals, they have to pick up rags and for this, they have to go at dirty places. They put things on their poor moving carts and sell them so that they may feed their starving children. Still they earn very little. Most of the slum-dwellers are compelled to beg near the religious places like masques and temples. The children of these slums become thieves and pick-pockets. They do not hesitate in doing illegal works to earn money so that they may fill the empty stomach of their hungry children. The female dwellers are forced to sell their bodies to earn money. The way of living of these slums casts a very bad effect on these slum dwellers.

   In this way, slums have become a blot on the face of India. Measures must be taken to improve the condition of these slum-dwellers. For this, the houses must be provided to them.                                                                                            1442278835908                                                                                                                                                                                   

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