Smoking kills is not merely a statuary warning which we usually read on a packet of a Cigarette and ignore it. Instead, smoking must not be taken lightly because it kills a smoker slowly. According to the surveys conducted by various organizations, smoking is one of the leading causes of various diseases including cancer of different types, tuberculosis, asthma, shrinking of mouth tissues and arteries and food infections. Besides this, smoking is responsible for innumerable premature deaths, cutting short the lives of the millions around the world every year. Everyone is familiar very well with the fact that smoking or chewing tobacco is injurious for good health. It casts a very ill effect on the health of our family members, friends and guests. Smoking also exposes the children to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

According to the researches, parental smoking is very harmful for the health of the unborn children. Smoking reduces fertility in both men and women. If a woman is planning to get pregnant, both the husband and wife must stop smoking as soon as possible. Researches indicate that the women, who smoke have more difficult pregnancy. Smoking destroys Vitamin C much faster in the bodies of smoking women. Consequently, smoking women suffer from diseases like low immunity, depression and fatigue. Smoking constricts blood vessels and violates the process of oxygen saturation in the blood. The girls, whose mothers were smoking during pregnancy, are more likely to suffer in the future. The children of the mothers, who were smoking during pregnancy, are born with low birth weight and weak lungs. In this way, smoking during pregnancy causes various unwanted health problems for both the mothers and their unborn children.

 A number of researches prove it that smoking around children is very dangerous and harmful. It is, therefore, advised to the smoking parents that they must not smoke near children so that they may be saved from the ill effects of the smoking. So smoking outside is much better than smoking inside, but there is no evidence that it eliminates the risk of passive smoking. The best thing the smoking parents can do is to make their best efforts to leave smoking and if they cannot do it, they must not smoke near the children at any cost. According to the surveys conducted by the various organizations, several parents are of the opinion that they do not think it better for their children to grow up to be smokers. An added benefit of saying good bye to the smoking, especially for parents, is that they will set a good example before their children.


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