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   A woman is the most beautiful creation of the universe ever created by God. She is not just physically beautiful, her heart is equally. She is really a miracle of heavenly existence. Symbolically, she is a magical and mysterious tree and under the divine shade of that tree the entire humanity takes shelter. She is not an object to be put under control for she is a powerful spirit that spread a divine illumination in the whole world. It is not her gender, style of dress and the shape of her body that define her. There is no need of any simile to compare this unique creation of God. Indeed, she feels ecstasy in being perfect imperfection.

   A woman is viewed as an incarnation of divine qualities like love, affection, compassion, patience, sacrifice and sympathy. She is an amazing symbol of strength and because of this divine force she may tolerate, she may bear the heavy burden of the whole world. Indian mythology has been a witness of this truth that no demon has been capable enough to face her divine power. She is powerful enough that even gods have to bow before her heavenly strength. The world has no knowledge from the power of a woman begins and comes to an end. The world finds itself incapable in measuring the endless power of a woman. In other words, she is omniscient.

   She comes in this world with a divine mission. She teaches the man the first word to call her. She is the only person who teaches the man how to stand erect on his feet. Through a woman, a man learns how to walk properly on the earth. She teaches the man various morals that the man has to follow throughout his life so that he may develop himself into a perfect personality. As a teacher, a woman possesses capabilities enough to develop a dull child into a brilliant man. There are innumerable examples of women who have developed the personalities of the children into the great heroes who have been successful in creating a history. In fact, she is next to God. It will not be an exaggeration to say that she is a God without temple.

    A woman, as a wife, is considered the joy of life. Sir Francis Bacon, one the greatest essayist of the world, was of the view that a wife is a mistress of young men, a companion of a middle aged person and a nurse for old men. She is the best one of all home remedies. She cleans the house, she cooks the food, she washes the clothes, she takes the trash out of the house but she never feels tired. As a wife, she illuminates the life of a man for she is the lamp that illuminates the house of a man. She is the another name of sacrifice because she sacrifices her whole life for the sake of family members, but she always possesses a sweet smile on her coral like red lips. In fact, she leads a life for everyone except herself.

   She is a true friend and a faithful companion. Probably, a woman possesses a complex personality. To understand the complex personality of a woman, a man may have to enter a woman’s enchanting heart through her ocean like deep and beautiful eyes. In other words, the beauty of a woman’s heart may be seen through her eyes because her eyes are the doorway to her wonderful heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of her colorful uniqueness possesses the capabilities enough that change the life of her husband. It is also a fact that the world will turn into a chaos without her love and beauty.

   A woman, as a daughter, sacrifices her happiness just to obey the orders of her parents. She accepts their orders as her destiny with sweet smile on her rose like beautiful face. It is also a fact that this sacrificing nature of the woman makes her the victim of various social evils like dowry system, child marriage, forced marriage, forced prostitution, honor killing, rape, gender inequality, domestic violence and many more.  She is beautiful at heart because she does not think only about herself. Instead, she thinks about the welfare of all the family members. The mankind a s a whole must provide full protection to the daughters because without their existence, the existence of mankind will not be possible to be imagined.

   In this way, women are meant to be loved and not to be insulted. All the women must be treated with dignity and respect. Never harm them mentally and physically. They must be viewed in a sacred manner for all the women in the world are like flowers of different colors of a garden. The insult of one woman must be considered the insult of the entire womankind and the honor of one woman is the honor of the entire womankind. They must not be viewed merely as sex symbols and it will not be proper for male dominated society of the world just to consider the body of a woman merely a tool to quench the sexual thirst, but they must be considered much more than that. In fact, the society requires a right vision to understand a woman’s personality.


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