Woman-Nature’s Mysterious Plan


1451744887250   A woman has always remained a mystery since the creation of the universe. Several renowned philosophers has tried their best to define woman in their own way. Poets have composed innumerable songs in the praise of woman. In their songs, they have termed her as the most wonderful creation of God. It shall not be an exaggeration to say that the history of the world is the history of the woman. True it is to say that has always been a woman behind every great war of the world.

   A few philosophers are of the view that a woman is a very dangerous creature of the universe. Despite such opinion of the philosophers, the world does not hate her. She is loved and adorned instead. She possesses such an irresistible charm that has deluded even the gods and great saints of the world. Lord Shiva who has been termed as the destroyer could not understand the mysterious nature of the woman and became the victim of the bewitching beauty of Parwati, the charming daughter of Himalayas.

   Woman has not been remained a mystery to the mortals alone, but the great saints like Vishwamitra fell a prey to the rapturous beauty of Menka. Narad who is also known as Dev Rishi, could not save himself from the arrows of Cupid and became the victim of the irresistible charm of Vishwamohini. The most powerful emperors of the world like Akbar, Allauddin Khilzi, Prathvi Raj Chauhan were nothing, but mute slaves before the irresistible charm of woman. These great emperors of the universe behaved just like knaves before their queens and sweethearts.

   A woman may be termed as a bundle of paradoxes. She is the kindest tyrant and the cruelest lover. She leaves no stone unturned in enchanting a man of her choice, but once she bewitches his heart, he becomes the most miserable and pitiable creature of the world. He suffers in agonies, but she smiles and laughs over his agonies. Despite this, she is the darling queen of that agonizing man. She rules over the hearts of the millions due to her irresistible charm and attractions.

   In fact, most of the literature of the world is devoted to the women. Scholars are of the opinion that there exist woman behind all the sorrows and sufferings of the mankind. Despite all this, these scholars justify her existence for the creation and preservation of the mankind. She has been adorned with all those qualities and graces which are rare to find in any creature of the universe. She is the foundation of the world. Woman gives life to all that moves and lives in the world. There is no jewel rarer than woman, no condition superior to that of a woman.

   God has blessed her with all that is soft and delicate, kind and benevolent, true and sincere. She walks with the confidence and grace of a sovereign. God has blessed her with innumerable divine gifts with which she may move the empires at her finger’s points. All the universe exists within a woman. She is a mother, a wife, an aunt, a girl, a baby and a friend. She allows a new life to breath in the world after caring for nine months. She lives for everyone except for herself. She is indeed the incarnation of illumination and illuminates the life of the entire mankind.

   I opine that it is very easy to understand a woman. It is true because a man can enter a woman’s wonderful heart through her beautiful eyes. The eyes of a woman is the most revealing part of a woman which exposes her feelings. In my opinion, the world loses the right vision to understand a woman. We require a firm mind and purified soul to read a woman’s ocean like deep eyes and enter her heart.

   It is the inability of a man to understand the complex personality of a woman. The world treats her as a sex symbol, but she is much more than that. The man only tries to conquer a woman’s body to quench her sexual thirst, but he must make efforts to win her heart and soul with tender and loving care. The world will definitely turn into a chaos without woman.


Sooraj Pal